Why Finance Through Tates?

Tates is an established motor group with many years of experience in the motor industry. If you are considering purchasing a new car but are unsure about your financial options, we have the solution thanks to our team of trained finance specialists.

Many drivers now decide to purchase their new or used vehicle through a finance plan in order to spread the cost and upgrade their car more often. Tates can arrange a flexible and affordable finance package that is tailored to you.

One option is to carry out a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) contract, whereby you pay a low monthly rate for a specified number of months until your lease ends. You then get to decide whether you want to make a balloon payment to own the car, or carry out a new contract on a new vehicle.

Another choice is Hire Purchase (HP), where you pay off the value of the car month by month, and at the end of the specified contract the car is yours – a good option for drivers who are sure that they want to keep the same car for many years. If you are not keen on any long-term commitment to your vehicle, however, you can take advantage of one of our Personal Contract Hire (PCH) arrangements, whereby you simply pay a monthly rental fee over an agreed period and hand the car back at the end. PCH often allows you to afford a more prestigious or high-performance vehicle than you could otherwise afford.

There are benefits to each of these types of car finance, and terms and conditions vary as much as prices. Speak to one of our experts to decide whether a PCP, HP or PCH plan is right for you, and we’ll help you select a car that matches your lifestyle needs and budget.

Finance options with Tates are available across all car brands and dealership locations. Contact the team at Tates today by calling or enquiring online and we’ll help you drive away today in the car of your choice.