Kia Business Car Finance in Pyecombe, Brighton

Business customers have the opportunity to take advantage of the diverse range of corporate financing offers at Tates Kia. Every model sold at our location in Pyecombe, from the fuel-efficient and agile Kia Picanto to versatile people carriers such as the Kia Sorento, are available to fleet buyers through our contract leasing or hire purchase deals.

Kia Fleet, the company’s corporate financing arm, is aware of the concerns facing modern businesses, realising that it is essential to deliver value for money. To this end, Kia has paid specific attention to improving the fuel efficiency of its already frugal vehicles, with its EcoDynamics technology leading to significant reductions in carbon emissions and fuel consumption. This, in turn, results in numerous tax efficiencies – certain model in the Picanto range, for example, are eligible for a 100% capital write-down.

Our corporate vehicle finance specialists have years of experience advising business customers on which financing agreement best suits the specific circumstances and requirements of their enterprise. As trustworthy professionals, you can rely on Tates Kia to give you informed and impartial guidance.

Contact our Pyecombe dealership to find out more about the services we can provide to our corporate clients.