Kia's Advanced Technology and Features​

All Kia's are packed with the latest advanced technology and features which help make all your journeys smarter and safer. Below, we share you some of our favourite features that you can expect to find in Kia's fantastic range.

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA) uses camera and radar data to assess the road around you. By signalling a warning and automatically applying maximum brake power, it helps you avoid collisions with cyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

What Kia models feature Foward Collision Avoidance Assist?

It is available on all Kia models but functionality will vary.

Kia Foward Collision Avoidance Asssit

Remote Smart Park Assist

Kia's Remote Smart Park Assist is a must for getting in and out of tight parking spaces - it allows you to control you car using just the key fob.

While near the vehicle, you can start the vehicle by pressing the smart key's door-unlock button, then pressing and holding the Remote-Start button. You can then use the forward or backward button on the smart key to manoeuvre the car into the desired location.

What Kia models feature the Remote Smart Park Assist?

The All-new Niro, New Sportage, EV6 and Sorento.

Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance

Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance helps to reverse out of a space in a busy car park much easier. It uses sensors and detects when vehicles are approaching from either side and will give you an audible warning when a vehicle is near. If the system thinks a collision is imminent, it can apply the brakes to avoid an incident.

What Kia models feature Rear Cross Traffic Avoidance?

The all-new Niro, New Sportage, EV6, Sorento and Xceed.

Kia Rear cross traffic collision assist

Panoramic Curved Display System

Integrated Curved Display features two high-definition screens that help deliver a near-cinematic experience, benefitting from the latest liquid-crystal display technology for incredibly precise and clear graphics. The high-tech touchscreen displays all driver and passenger connectivity, functionality and driver functions.

What Kia models feature the Panoramic Curved Display System?

The New Sportage and EV6.

Kia curved display

Around View Monitor

The All Around View Monitor gives you a 360º view around your car on the infotainment screen. You can choose whether to look from the front, rear or either side of the vehicle, and even see all of your surroundings at once from the top-down view. Some models even have a 3D view that allows you to look around your vehicle in 3D.

What Kia models feature the Around View Monitor?

The New Sportage, EV6, XCeed, and Sorento and Stinger.

Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC)

The NSCC maintains your specified set speed and ensures a safe distance to the vehicle ahead by controlling accelaration and deceleration. It also auto decelerates your speed on on any curvature based on road information provided by the sat nav sytem.

What Kia models feature the Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control?

The all-new Niro, XCeed and Sportage.

Highway Drive Assist

Designed to make driving on motorways effortless. Highway Drive Assist automatically maintains your vehciles distance with the vehicle in front, as well as keeping it in the centre of the current lane. it also controls steering, accelaration and deceleration at the same time.

What Kia models feature the Highway Drive Assist?

All-New Niro, XCeed and Sportage.

Kia Highway Drive Assist

If you would like to discuss any of these technologies or find the perfect car that suits your need, please contact us.

Technology will depend on trim levels. Images are for illustrative purposes only and may not be to UK specification.