Fuel Saving Tips

With the rising living costs and fuel prices, it might be a good time to check you're doing everything you can to get the most out of your tank! Even the little changes can make a big difference long term. Here are some of our top tips; we hope you find these helpful.

1. Remove excess weight. Take any unnecessary, bulky or heavy items out of the car as they will use up more fuel.
2. Go steady on the accelerator. Accelerating gently can save yourself fuel as aggressive driving will increase your consumption. Changing up to higher gears earlier can also help.
3. Maintain your car. Regular servicing and maintenance will help to improve efficiency. The most important is your tyre pressure; make sure these are inflated to the correct level.
4. Be mindful when using electrics/aircon/heat etc. Using the aircon and heaters will increase fuel consumption, so only use them when they're absolutely necessary. This also includes the use of heated seats/steering wheels etc.
5. Plan your journeys. Try and avoid busy times and areas if possible. Make sure you know where you're going so you're not at risk of getting lost and driving further than you need to go.
6. Use eco mode or the stop/start function (if your vehicle has these).
7. Avoid short journeys; can you walk there instead?
8. Make your car more aerodynamic. There are some simple ways to make your vehicle more aerodynamic. These include keeping your windows closed when possible, as this allows air to flow over the vehicle's body instead of being drawn inside and slowing the car down. You can also remove roof racks or boxes to make the car more streamlined.

If you are thinking about changing your car to a more economical one or want to learn more, then feel free to contact your local Tates dealership, where a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.