DS 3 encapsulates the spirit of avant-garde, but equally it’s a vivid reflection of your personality. A sophisticated range of roof graphics give you the freedom to express yourself. 

Choose from the Butterflies inspired by nature (White Butterflies on Purple), or go for the iconic boldness of Chequer Kit (Black/White/Silver), Jigsaw (White) or Union Jack (Red, White and Blue/Silver and Anthracite). No matter your choice, each roof graphic matches the high quality finish of your DS.

Union Jack

Available in:

Red, White and Blue or Silver and Anthracite


Available in:

White Butterflies on Purple


Available in:


Chequer Kit

Available in:

 Black, White or Silver

Features & Benefits of each graphic:

Each graphic is a fully approved accessory and made from 3M automotive grade material. They all benefit from standard warranty coverage (3 years if fitted at PDI, 12 months if fitted after registration).

They are specifically designed to fit your vehicle, and also pre-cut and sectioned to make fitting easier.

The roof graphic will not affect your vehicles paintwork if you later decide to remove it.

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