The DS 4 has a one of a kind character, thanks to the elegant chrome surrounding the windows, the bodywork’s abundant sharp creases and its well-defined, muscular flanks.

We think the way DS 4’s distinctive grille merges with the headlamps resembles a bird’s outspread wings. The Xenon headlamps produce a wide, white beam that reduces eye strain and uses less energy. Its technology has been pioneered by DS.

The DS 4 comes in nine eye-catching colours. With four contrasting roof tones, and there are 38 paint permutations.

Sit in body-hugging seats, hands wrapped around the soft leather of the flat-bottomed steering wheel and cast your eyes over DS 4’s dashboard. Like much of the cockpit, it’s leather clad and hand stitched. That’s why it takes our craftsmen eight painstaking hours to put together every example. We think the results are worth all that extra effort.

Audiophiles will enjoy a premium acoustic experience with the Denon sound system. This has 10 50-Watt channels, eight speakers and one subwoofer for faithful reproduction of frequencies that get lost on cheaper set ups.

Technology is central to all our lives and it plays a starring role in DS 4. Rather than trying to replace your existing mobile devices, we use a system that works with them.

At its hub is a 7-inch touch screen. This uses Mirror Screen and the MyDS app to mimic whatever is on the screen of your smartphone when you connect it. It’s simple to use and makes life easier by keeping you connected wherever you go.

The same screen also includes the navigation system and DAB radio you might expect in a premium car. It even acts as the monitor for the reversing camera.