The plug-in hybrid SUV by DS Automobiles


Experience a new generation of electrified technology with DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE. Our plug-in hybrid power units are powerful and efficient: with the combination of electric and petrol you’ll enjoy incredible driving flexibility and performance.

Benefits of E-TENSE plug-in hybrid technology

Silence and driving comfort

Enjoy the silence inside during start-up or in Electric mode. A feeling of tranquillity amplified by the laminated glass that comes as standard on E-TENSE versions.

Drive everywhere in all circumstances

Opting for the plug-in hybrid means giving yourself the freedom to move around the city, even when traffic is restricted. Our E-TENSE versions are equipped with a blue LED, located at the top of the windscreen, to indicate that electric mode is activated.

Emissions and consumption

Our E-TENSE plug-in hybrid power units have market leading emissions and consumption: 39-35 g/km of CO₂ and 188.3-166.2 mpg (WLTP¹ cycle) on the E-TENSE 4x4 300 power unit.

Boot space and practicality

Our engineers have created an ingenious and unique architecture, retaining the practicality and size of the boot when compared to the petrol and diesel equivalents. With a capacity of 555 litres, the boot on E-TENSE versions is one of the largest in the PHEV segment.

Dedicated E-TENSE services

Route navigation to charging points, schedule charging from smartphone, or installation of a charging point at home: we offer many services for more peace of mind.

A 4-wheel drive version

With an electric motor at the front (110hp) and one at the rear (113hp), the E-TENSE 4x4 300 power unit delivers 300hp for remarkable levels of performance.