DS 9 E-Tense Plug-in-Hybrid

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The power and comfort of hybrid technology

Combine flexibility, comfort and performance with our E-TENSE plug-in hybrid technology. The combination of electric and petrol emphasises the enjoyment of driving, on every occasion.

Two plug-in hybrid power units available

With two power units available* (225hp and a 360hp 4-wheel drive) our E-TENSE models have CO₂ emissions ranging from 0 to 49g/km (subject to approval).

*E-TENSE 4x4 360 available at a later date


Silent, comfortable driving

Enjoy a peaceful and silent drive when setting off in your car in Zero Emission mode. On E-TENSE models, silence inside your DS 9  is boosted by laminated glass, fitted as standard.

Drive with complete freedom

Our plug-in hybrids guarantee complete flexibility when driving in town. Behind the windscreen of our E-TENSE models, a cyan LED confirms electric mode is activated for even more comfort.


With two engines available (225 hp and 360 hp 4WD), our E-TENSE models have emissions ranging from 33 up to 49g of CO₂ / km (subject to approval).

Boot and usability

With its long wheelbase of 2.89 meters, DS 9 offers a spacious and comfortable interior, like its elegant center armrest at the rear made of nappa leather. With a capacity of 510L, the DS 9 E-TENSE trunk is one of the largest in its segment

E-TENSE only services

Enjoy the many services put in place by DS Automobiles to make your daily life easier: pinpoint charging points and plan your charging, or have a charger installed at home, straight from your smartphone or your car.

Plug-in hybrid power

With its two electric motors, one located at the front, the other at the rear, the power unit of E-TENSE 4x4 360 gives you up to 360hp for remarkable performance.

DS 9 E-Tense Plug-in-Hybrid Your Next Steps