Why you should buy a pre-registered car

A pre-registered car is a new vehicle purchased by a dealer and registered in their name. These cars are technically used vehicles. However, most will have never been driven. There are many advantages to buying a pre-registered car, and we have listed some below to help you decide whether you should buy one too

Massive Savings.

Pre-registered cars have massive savings on them, often

shaving off a good few thousands of pounds. So if you are looking for a good

deal but don’t want to buy a used car then pre-registered cars are the way

forward for you. At Tates Cars, we have a range of different makes, with some

savings being as high as £7,000 off.

No wear and tear.

Probably the best benefit of buying a pre-reg vehicle is that it is as good as new. As they are bought from the manufacturer by the dealership and just stored a way without actually ever been driven, they are practically new cars, meaning there won’t be any wear or tear from them, that you would normally get with used cars.

Instant delivery/ pick up available.

As these cars have already been bought by the dealership and are just being stored away, it means that you can purchase your vehicle and almost immediately drive away with it. When you are buying a new car, it often takes months to be able to pick it up, especially if you are customising it and it is being built from scratch.


Unlike buying a used car, pre-registered cars will still

most likely have their manufactures warranty on the cars, meaning you are still

able to take advantage of the cover for a long time depending on the make of

the vehicle and the length of warranty they have. This means that if anything

goes wrong with the car, you can contact the manufacturer and they will sort it

out for you free of charge.

Like buying a used car but better.

Many people are put off from buying a pre-registered car as it is classed as a used car, as there is already a name on the registration. However, if you are looking to buy a used car, but want it to be as good as new then buying a pre-registered car is definitely for you. Cutting down the costings greatly, you get a brand new car for the price of a used one, which makes it worth it.

Tates Cars have a large selection of pre-registered vehicles, so get in touch with us today or visit our website to find out more!

Current Citroen and DS Pre-Registered Deals

Citroen and DS

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