Why sell your used car to a dealership instead of selling privately?

When selling your car, you only really have two main options, do it privately, or sell to a dealership. Both have benefits and negatives. However, at Tates Cars, we believe there are a lot more positives to selling your car to a dealership and here we will discuss why.


Selling to a dealership is very convenient, as you don’t have to deal with the usual paperwork you have to go through when you sell your car privately, as the salesperson will do it all for you. You also won’t have to ensure that the cleaning and repair jobs needed to be done to the car are completed, as that too is taken care of by the dealership.


Selling your car privately can mean you wait a long time before you find someone who wants to buy it. You will need to be available when people are wanting to look at the car or do test drives, and for some people, this isn’t always possible with work and other commitments. Going to a dealership is quick and easy and can be done all on the same day, so you don’t have to worry about it for a long period, letting you get on with other things.


Selling to a dealership is a lot safer than selling privately for many reasons. Probably the most important is that it will protect you from encountering a scammer who can waste your time and money. With a dealership, you are guaranteed to receive all the money offered promptly with no problems.

Part exchange

Arguably the best reason to sell your car to a dealership is that you can part exchange your vehicle to receive money on your new one. When selling privately, you will still have to go through the process of buying a new car from somewhere and having to either go to a dealership anyway or again going privately where there could be a ton of issues.

Minor issues with the car are not a problem.

Although dents and minor problems with your car don’t seem like a big deal, it can prevent you from selling your car, as no one wants to buy a damaged car. Most dealerships will accept any vehicle most conditions and won’t care if you have any dents or minor issues, as they can fix the car up themselves. If your car has problems with its appearance or features, it would be best to sell it to a dealership as paying for the repairs yourself and then trying to sell it will mean you lose out on more money and it isn’t always worth it.

At Tates, we accept almost all used cars. Get a free and accurate online valuation of your vehicle here. This is an estimated valuation of your vehicle based on the information you provide and is not an offer to purchase your vehicle. If you want a more accurate assessment, contact your local Tates dealership where one of our sales advisors will cast an expert eye over your car and provide you with a fair and reasonable estimation.

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