Diesel cars: To buy or not to buy?

Recently diesel cars reputation has come under scrutiny. Not long ago, they were the most favoured and financially advised cars to get. However, the government announced in 2017 that after April 2018 the first year road tax for diesel cars would rise by one band. They also say that they are going to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans in the UK by 2040, a move which was set to combat air pollution. Both of these factors contributed to the decreased demand for diesel vehicles and people boycotting buying them.

Diesel owners were outraged, and panic started to spread, with many being confused on what the actual proposal is. The government said they would introduce a scrappage scheme to help owners of older diesel vehicles get rid of their cars and get new, less polluting ones. Although this has not happened yet, some dealerships and car makers have introduced their own scrappage incentives.

So, after all this, is it still worth it to buy a diesel vehicle? We believe the answer to that question is yes and here is why!

Cheaper to buy

The recent slump in demand due to these announcements means there are now a lot of discounts on diesel cars, enough to make up for the new tax payments. It has also meant that a lot of dealerships have more diesel vehicles in stock and ready to go, so you are likely to get your car instantly. As petrol cars seem to be the favourite at the moment, the demand is high, and you could be waiting months for your new vehicle.

Although the demand and sales of new diesel cars have decreased, for the ‘used’ diesels, it has not. Cap hpi say they have found through their research that the demand for used diesel vehicles is still going strong. If you are put off buying a diesel car because you are scared that you will not be able to sell it on later, there is no indication that this is happening and should not be a problem.

Cheaper to run

Diesel cars have a very impressive fuel economy, which means they are cheaper to run than most petrol cars, so it make more sense to own one in the long run. As you will be spending a lot less on fuel, Diesel vehicles are particularly good if you do a lot of miles and drive on a regular basis.

Newer diesel cars are not affected by charging zones

The government have spoken about issuing charging zones, particularly in London, however, at the moment it will only affect older diesel vehicles that emit more emissions and not newer cars that comply with the latest emissions regulations, called Euro 6. Newer models of diesel cars have much better emissions than older vehicles and in fact emit on average around 20 percent less CO2 than petrol cars, so buying a new diesel vehicle is still better for the environment than petrol and hybrid cars.

Scrappage schemes

If you already have a diesel car, you can save thousands of pounds off the price of a new car due to the scrappage schemes. Most dealerships are now running their own scrappage schemes, which can help you shift your old diesel and get more money off your next car. As diesel vehicles are now going for cheaper prices, now the demand is low, you could potentially be saving a considerable amount of money on a new diesel car, when scrapping your old one, which could leave you walking away with a steal.

Petrol is also affected

Many people believe that the new regulations are just for diesel cars, but the sale of petrol cars will also be banned by 2040 according to the government. The reason the government introduced these plans is due to the UK pollution levels being high, and older diesel models were emitting too many emissions. As mentioned before newer models of diesel cars are better for the environment than petrol cars, so it is only a matter of time before these regulations are then added for petrol cars. This will most likely happen before newer diesel vehicles are affected, so buying a new diesel vehicle could be better in the long run.

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