Terms and Conditions

  • The Prize is non-transferable.
  • Only valid for drivers with a full driving licence, aged over 30 years and must not have accumulated 9 or more penalty points during the past five years and have no criminal convictions.
  • The winner must agree to photos / editorial being promoted on all social media channels.
  • The vehicle will be provided for up to 4 days or 500 miles.
  • Vehicle to be taxed and insured for the named winner only – Loan declaration form must be completed in branch.
  • Ensure the vehicle is kept clean and no livestock or animals to be carried in the vehicle.
  • The winner must leave their own vehicle and keys with Tates for the duration of the loan, alternatively if no car to leave, they must leave their licence plus a valid passport or debit/credit card, which must be in the driver’s name
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