Best cars to take on a road trip 

Now that summer is here, a lot of people have decided to go on road trips. Choosing the right car for your road trip is essential as you will be spending a lot of time in this vehicle, so Tates have come up with our list of what we think are some of the best cars to take.


The Citroen C3 is a great car to take with you on road trips as it is compact, but still spacious enough to keep everyone comfortable, paired along with the generously padded seats. With functions that allow the car to efficiently function through different conditions such as mud, sand and snow and technology such as adaptive cruise control and emergency braking it helps make those long journeys go by a little easier. It has a built-in sat-nav which can help you easily get around on your travels. However, the stand out feature for this car is the built-in dash-cam. It is unobtrusive and is directly linked to your smartphone. Not only will it record any accidents or incidents you may encounter, but it will also film the scenic drives you take. The car is built with plastic 'Airbumps' that are designed to absorb some of the impact in accidents and provide optimal protection against daily bumps and scrapes.

DS 7 Crossback

If you want to do your road trip in style then the DS 7 Crossback is definitely the vehicle for you. It has a stylish design with a range of the newest technology to make your drive as comfortable and easy as possible. The car is very spacious and luxurious, which can make your road trip feel a little more upmarket and comfortable. It comes with an abundance of top of the range technology such as Night Vision, Driver Attention Monitoring and Active Scan Suspension, which will all help assist your driving on those long journeys, ensuring you reach your next destination safely.  

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe comes with either 5 or 7 seats and is a very spacious car, which makes it perfect for road trips. The vehicle has added scruff protection on the doors and frame to help protect against your everyday wear and tear that you will encounter along your road trip. The Santa Fe comes with a range of technology that can be great for road trips such as touchscreen navigation and smart parking. It also comes with brake assist, autonomous emergency braking, camera sensors and more that will help you and your passengers stay safe on your trip. 

Kia Niro

If you want a more economical road trip then the Kia Niro is the perfect car for you. It is a low emissions hybrid crossover SUV, that delivers on fuel efficiency and low environmental impact, but also on looks, performance and the latest driver-convenience technology. This makes it the perfect car for longer journeys as you will be saving money on fuel and protecting the environment without losing out on other important factors. The vehicle comes with helpful technology such as autonomous emergency braking and adaptive cruise control to help make your journey go smoothly.  The Niro provides 427 litres of luggage space and impressive 1,425 litres when the rear seats are folded. This makes it a perfect car to store a large amount of luggage that can be helpful when going on a road trip.

Grand C4 SpaceTourer

The Grand C4 SpaceTourer is a very roomy seven-seater vehicle that weighs less than most cars of this size. It is very fuel efficient and cheap to run, as it has excellent fuel economy figures and has low C02 emissions, which is great when you are making longer journeys. The SpaceTourer is known for its high level of comfort and has a RELAX function where the front seats have an electric massage and adjustable limber supports. The car has a boot capacity of 632 litres, increasing to 793 when you fold down the rear seats. The vehicle is very safe, scoring 5 out of 5 by Euro NCAP and has a range of technology that contributes to this, including blind spot monitoring, speed limit recognition and active lane departure warning, which can assist you on your long journeys.

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