All-New Soul EV Introducing the All-New Soul EV

Fresh, funky and playful, the future is full of possibilities in the All-New Soul EV . With its eccentric design styling featuring a front plug-in charge socket; stunning interior with the latest technology including Kia’s innovative Head-Up-Display; plus an advanced EV powertrain that delivers a range of up to 280 miles on one full charge – this is an electric car with its own truly unique character, just like the people who drive it.

The All-New Soul EV puts the charge back into driving electric by making it fun, stylish and good for the environment all at the same time. From the moment you press the start button you can look forward to a responsive electric engine boasting a maximum acceleration from 0 to 60mph in 7.6 seconds and a maximum speed of 109mph. Additionally, the driving distance available on a single charge is 280 milesThe All-New Soul EV heat pump system helps save energy and increase the driving range by using recovered waste heat emitted from the coolant water for the electric powertrain.

You can use the convenient 10.25” touch screen to set the time to recharge your All-New Soul EV – for example, if you want to take advantage of cheaper night-time tariffs

Located under the cabin floor, the efficient, lightweight All-New Soul EV battery offers two flexible and energy-efficient solutions.

Stand back and admire the quirky dynamic character of the All-New Soul EV with its stand-out body silhouette and clean-cut lines; then smile at the stand-out Soul EV logo on the C-pillar for that extra touch of fun. Add to that the 3 stylish two-tone colour exterior combinations to choose from that mix colour with vibrant metallic shades; and with newly developed 17-inch alloy wheels, we’ve created a car that’s all about you.

​Full LED Headlamps

Seamlessly integrated into the sleek front are dual high and

low-beam LED headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lights

below as standard.

Supervision Cluster 

The highly visible instrument cluster features a 7" OLED display delivering essential information such as the distance covered and how far you can drive before the next recharge is due


Designed for both Android and Apple smartphones, the UVO app offers

complete peace of mind with a whole range of features dedicated to providing

diagnostic data about the status of your car and the trips you take. The app

can also activate a range of remote functions and features when you are away

from the car.

Navigation System 

The high-definition 10.25" TFT-LCD multi-language navigation system offers an advanced split-screen function enabling you to view map directions, weather and compass, as well as information about the battery status, available range and next charging station location. The home screen can also be customised with a basic or advanced layout. What’s more, the screen offers Bluetooth multi-connection, so two devices can be connected at the same time – one for conventional connection and one for audio streaming.

Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) 

The Blind-Spot Collision Warning system has radar sensors that monitor your blind spots, and warns you of oncoming cars by displaying a symbol in the side-view mirror. Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist Rear (BCA-R) The BCA-R system uses radar sensors to monitor the area to the left and right of your car and warn you or even actively apply the brake if there’s traffic approaching on either side​.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) 

Using a camera and radar sensor at the front, SCC regulates both the vehicle speed and the distance to the car in front. If the vehicle ahead picks up the pace, the All-New Soul EV accelerates up to the set speed, and if the vehicle in front slows down and the predetermined safe distance cannot be maintained, the system will reduce the speed, or even stop the car. A helpful feature, particularly in stop-and-go traffic

Lane Follow Assist (LFA) LFA

controls acceleration, braking and steering depending on the vehicles in front. This makes driving in traffic jams easier and safer. The system uses camera and radar sensors to maintain a safe distance to the preceding vehicle and monitors road markings to keep your car in the centre of your lane. LFA works between 0 and 80mph.

Wireless Phone Charger 

Enjoy convenient, cable-free charging by placing your compatible smartphone on the wireless phone charger on the centre console. The system even alerts you if a device is left on the charger when you exit the vehicle. 

Drive Mode Selection 

The All-New Soul EV adapts to your favourite driving style. Choose from ‘Normal’ mode, offering the full driving experience optimized for a typical driver, or ‘Eco’ or ‘Eco+’ mode to maximize the full electric range. Meanwhile, the ‘Sport’ mode, with its increased steering and motor response, maximizes the dynamic driving feel of the car.

Heated Seats 

Both the driver and front passenger seat warmers keep you cosy in winter.