Niro Self-Charging Hybrid

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Niro Self Charging Hybrid
Niro Self-Charging Hybrid Introducing the Niro Self-Charging Hybrid

The Kia Niro Self-Charging Hybrid is made for all those who want to do their bit for the environment without compromising on power or great looks. The combination of combustion engine and electric motor makes for a fun driving experience whilst keeping emissions to a minimum. And it does it all in impeccable style: you’ll notice the sleek front and rear bumper design, complete with the new double arrow-shaped LED daytime running lights, dynamic grille design and distinctive LED rear lights. There's even new alloy wheels adding to the Hybrid's powerful stance which comes as standard across the range. A

Niro Self Charging Hybrid

Both the Niro Self-Charging HEV and PHEV employ a parallel hybrid system that switches between petrol and electric power, or uses a combination of both, and charges the battery whenever it can. Unlike conventional hybrids, the parallel system keeps energy loss to a minimum as the full output of both engine and electric motor is transferred through the transmission in a parallel system. 

Durable and lightweight, the 1.56 kWh (HEV) and 8.9 kWh (PHEV) lithium-ion polymer battery efficiently controls electrical e n e r g y a n d c o o l s m o r e effectively. Safely positioned below the rear sears, the battery comes with a 7-year warranty. 

Kinetic energy produced when decelerating or coming to a stop is captured and turned into electricity. This in turn is used to help recharge the battery. 

Providing up to 43.5 PS on its own, the electric motor also assists the petrol engine in hybrid mode, and recharges the battery during deceleration

When starting out from a stop, the hybrid system relies entirely on power from the electric motor. This helps reduce fuel use in stop-and-go traffic.  

During mild acceleration, the system also uses power exclusively from the electric motor. It has ample pickup to help you increase your speed.

When accelerating harder, the petrol engine works together with the electric motor to get the Niro up to the desired speed.

When cruising at relatively constant speeds, the system goes into power-assist mode, where the petrol engine is the main source of drive power.

The system’s regenerative braking takes advantage of every decrease in vehicle speed, capturing energy and storing it in the battery for future use.  

Active air flap 

An active air flap behind the grille cools the engine. It closes at higher speeds to reduce drag for better performance and fuel efficiency

Rear diffuser 

A spoiler panel below the rear of the Niro is sculpted with longitudinal ridges for stability and aerodynamic control.

Rear spoiler 

Above the tailgate window, a rear spoiler takes advantage of airflow to help stabilize the body when travelling at speed.

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