Customers looking to snap up a deal need look no further than Tates Kia, Pyecombe, Brighton where a selection of offers are now available across the Kia cee’d family. As the first range of cars to feature Kia’s new ecoTurbo petrol engine, which brings reductions of up to 25 per cent in fuel consumption and CO2emissions, the cee’d models are a great choice for those wanting to make environmentally friendly choices without compromising on style or comfort.

Be in control 

Kia's cee'd range consists of three stunning body styles; The sporty 3-door pro_cee'd, the stylish 5-door cee'd hatchback and the spacious 5-door cee'd Sportswagon. 

All cee'd models boast Kia's pioneering 7-year warranty and plenty of hi-tech features. 

The colour LCD screen is your command centre for many smart features that range from trip computer to turn-by-turn instructions, that's part of the navigation system. The screen also displays the Smart Parking Assist System, which uses sensors to help guide you safely into both, parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. 

The electronic parking brake: Press the button instead of pulling a lever for more comfort.

Smart Parking Assist System: Parking made the easy way: the system finds the right space and steers the car into it.

Trip computer: Essential data: the computer displays useful data including distance to empty, time travelled, fuel usage and a speed indicator. It also monitors the tyre pressure, shows the Lane Departure Warning System and the rear parking sensors

Trip computer/steering mode: Comfort, Normal or Sport: when you choose Flex Steer, the cluster shows you which steering mode you’re in​.

Trip computer/shift indicator: The trip computer advises which gear to choose to help save fuel and reduce emissions​.

Trip computer/turn-by-turn instructions: The information cluster even shows you navigation instructions.

Trip computer/Speed Limit Information Function: The camera located on the windscreen recognises speed limit signs and displays the information in the cluster, and on the navigation screen​.

Introducing the new 'GT Line S'

The 'GT Line S' model has been introduced across all three new cee'd body styles.

This new model boasts the convenience of a heated steering wheel and heated front seats which are especially useful on cold days. In addition, the Lane Departure Warning System means there is no need to worry about drifting out of your lane as this feature alerts you to keep the car exactly where it should be.

A camera in the windscreen detects the cars ahead, and the High Beam Assist system automatically switches to high or low beam to match the right driving directions.

The 'GT Line S' also features a speed limit information function (SLIF) which gives the driver all the necessary information to help you stay within the speed limits. Using the camera on the windscreen, it reads speed limits and overtaking restrictions and displays the data clearly on the navigation screen and cluster.

Kia 7 Year Warranty Logo


Kia's 7-year new car warranty demonstrates their trust and confidence in the production quality of their manufacturing operations around the world. This new confidence in the quality of their products and the high productivity in the Kia factories means we can pass this confidence on to you.

7 years, at no extra cost. This means 2,555 days or 100,000 miles of trouble-free motoring and a lower cost of maintenance. This peace-of-mind provided by the 7-year warranty makes it a lot easier to own a car. What’s more, the car warranty is transferable to future owners, maintaining your vehicle’s value and making it highly attractive for reselling.

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