Spacetourer Introducing the Spacetourer


With its unique modular platform, the Citroën Spacetourer offers a choice of three lengths. The compact XS now joins m [4.94m], and XL [5.3 m] with a diameter of just 4.6 m – which is a first in this segment.

Built on a brand new platform, the Spacetourer is designed to accommodate both family and business life with ease​ with elements such as sliding and removable seats, which create an open and flexible space for people and equipment.  Available in three lengths, the Spacetourer can seat up to 9* in relaxed comfort.

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The Citroën Spactourer is full of bright ideas. The two-part panoramic roof lets in the total maximum amount of natural light while offering UV protection and separate sunblinds when you want to fine-tune the interior ambience.

Running down the centre of the roof, between the glass panels is an aircraft-style panel complete with air conditioning controls and vents. There’s also subtle LED lighting at night to create a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere.

In keeping with its versatile character, the Spacetourer is available in 3 lengths*. M and XL are both well-proven sizes, and now there’s the XS which is just 4.6 m. Easily able to accommodate up to 9 people, with plenty of flexible storage space, it’s a first-in-segment model with some useful advantages.

Compact dimensions and a tight turning circle mean that it’s easier to manoeuvre through the city and makes the most of confined spaces.

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