Tates Kia Motability – How it works

Through the Motability Scheme, disabled motorists use their government mobility allowance to fund a lease for a brand new car. The regular payment also covers a wide range of running costs such as insurance, Vehicle Excise Duty, and servicing support, making motoring simple and stress-free.

The process of finding your perfect car and taking ownership is just as straightforward, and when you choose Tates Kia there's the benefit of guidance from our specialist scheme experts. Here's how it works.

Choose your vehicle

When deciding which vehicle to lease through the scheme, it's important to think about more than simply the model you'd prefer to drive. Not all can be adapted to meet your individual needs, so we recommend finding out which modifications are required before approaching a Motability dealership to apply.

Woman looking out of car

Find a dealer

With a car in mind you then need to contact a dealer to discuss eligibility, your lease and all other aspects of the scheme. Tates Kia is a trusted Motability supporter, and with a wide selection of models plus modern servicing facilities found at our site, we're the first choice for many.

Order your car

Once you've decided which car to lease, your Motability specialist will complete the order and handle all the paperwork on your behalf. An acceptance letter will then be sent containing your Personal Identification Number, which should be kept safe as you'll need it to collect your vehicle. Delivery dates may change, so we recommend staying in close contact with your adviser.

To apply, and for any other information, please get in touch with Tates Kia online, over the phone or directly in person.