Tates Kia Motability – financial help

Although thousands benefit from the ideal mobility option with the help of the Motability scheme every year, not all eligible motorists find their allowance covers their requirements. For these individuals the scheme offers financial help – otherwise known as grants. These funds go towards specialist Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs), advanced payments on cars, adaptations, driving lessons, and more, to help those who need it the very most.

How financial help is grantedApplications are means-tested, and any money awarded will go towards the most affordable option that meets each specific need. If your own application is successful it's important to remember that the preferred option may not be covered if a better value alternative is available.

The scheme will consider every application individually and look at a number of factors to decide where help should be given. Before you apply, it's recommended that you consider whether your current car is still suitable. If so, it is possible to extend the lease, with no changes to the benefits you enjoy.

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Applying for financial help

Information on how to apply can be found on the scheme website, which includes details on what the money goes towards and assistance for those receiving specific mobility allowances. You can also contact Tates Kia in Pyecombe and speak with our Motability specialists for guidance on how the scheme works, eligibility, and the cars available.