Tates Kia Motability – Why join?

The Motability scheme delivers so much more than simply access to an adapted car. It aims to make motoring enjoyable and rewarding for members by letting them choose their preferred model funded in a way that suits their financial circumstances.

Here at Tates Kia we actively support the scheme by supplying a wide selection of vehicles from the Korean manufacturer, and guide applicants throughout the process of choosing a car and receiving it. There's plenty more that makes a Motability Kia so appealing, too.

An upgrade every three years

Lease agreements typically last for three years, and at the end of this period you can return your vehicle and select another brand new example. This means a latest-generation Rio, Picanto or Cee'd regularly, with all the same adaptations available.

Woman Driving Car Interior Image

Comprehensive cover

The regular amount you pay doesn't just fund your Kia, but a number of the main motoring running costs too. Road tax and fully comprehensive insurance are both taken care of, as is servicing, maintenance, and some adaptations. This includes new tyres from Kwik Fit plus window and windscreen repairs or full replacements. What's more, up to two named drivers can also make use of your car for added convenience.

Assistance from the experts

Joining the Motability Scheme through Tates Kia enables you to relax and know the experts are taking care of everything. Our specialists will advise you on the right model, explain the terms of your lease and organise adaptations with a quality provider.

To apply or find out more, contact our Pyecombe dealership online or over the phone for a friendly discussion.