Tates Citroën & DS Motability – How it works

Through the Motability scheme, eligible motorists swap their government-funded mobility allowance for a lease on a brand-new car, with a wide range of running costs also covered by their regular payment. You too could benefit if you are currently receiving a qualifying award, and if so, the process of selecting and receiving a vehicle is straightforward.

Choose the right model

You first need to choose your preferred model, and with Tates Citroën there's a wide selection of the French manufacturer's cars available. Before applying, it's worth researching running costs and any adaptations that may be needed to meet your requirements, as not all cars may be suitable.

Find a dealership

Tates Citroën & DS is one of almost 5,000 dealerships who support the Motability Scheme, and we employ specialist advisers to assist members with every phase. We'll make you aware of all the styling and equipment options available, and can also organise adaptations through our broad network of industry contacts.

Motability Customer being handed keys to new car

Order your vehicle

Once you've chosen a Motability car and the dealership to supply it, an adviser will submit your application via a simple online system. An acceptance letter will then be sent along with your Personal Identification Number, which should be kept safe as you will need this when it's time to collect your car. Your adviser should inform you of an estimated delivery date, but as this may be subject to change its wise to stay in contact with them.

If you believe you are eligible for the Motability Scheme and would like to apply, or for any other information, please contact your nearest Tates Citroën & DS dealership today.