New Expression

It’s not unusual to find a five-door, five-seat car. It’s more challenging to find one that’s practical and stands out from the crowd. DS 5 does that and more.

Whether it’s the sabre-like chrome strip from headlamp to windscreen, our beautiful lighting, the sculpted grille at the front or the integrated tailpipes at the rear, DS 5 looks like nothing else on the road.

Lighting up Your Life

Brighter and longer lasting than halogens, Xenons have a spectrum close to natural light, reducing eye strain. With LEDs, they follow the steering too light up corners, a feature pioneered by DS. We call all this technology DS LED Vision

The layout of DS 5’s cockpit is aeroplane inspired.

Slip into the supportive leather seats and you’ll find all the switches and buttons exactly where they should be. We think this intuitive design makes it easier to enjoy driving.The button and toggle switches are in two groups: one around the gear selector, one overhead. Made from beautiful brushed aluminium, they give the dashboard an uncluttered feel. The three glass roof panels have electric sunshades to let you set your own light level inside DS 5. You’ll find the perfect ambience to appreciate its beautifully crafted finish.​

Technology to make Life Easier

Rather than trying to replace your existing mobile devices, we use a system that works with them. At its hub is a 7-inch touch screen. This uses Mirror Screen and the MyDS app to mimic whatever is on the screen of your smartphone when you connect it. It’s simple to use and makes life easier by keeping you connected wherever you go. The same screen also includes the navigation system and DAB radio you might expect in a premium car. It even acts as the monitor for the reversing camera.