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Petrol station with lights at night


Self driving cars could make it the end of domestic flights and business over night hotels according to a Senior Strategist at Audi. Saying it is because people will be able to sleep and work in their cars whilst on the road without the need to stop overnight. Meaning that with Self Driving cars will eliminate the hassle and stress of checking into an airport to catch a domestic flight. Instead people will sleep and even work whilst on the road. It also means that some hotels may suffer as 'drivers' won't have the need to pull over for the night.

Experts say that Self Driving cars will increasingly resemble a mobile apartment giving you the option to lay your seat completely flat as a bed, watch the television and use of a fridge etc. Meaning that service stations along motorways will also evolve to support these cars offering motorists washing, dining and shopping facilities.

They say that if we were in a autonomous world where everyone had Self Drive vehicles says and there were no road accidents or fatalities then the appearance of the cars we know and love today will be completely different. At the moment cars are built with a bit of style and practicality but serving its main purpose of Safety and Comfort. But if it didn't need the safety features the appearance of cars will change dramatically, experts say that the appearance of a car will change to more of an architecturally constructed piece with a lot of transparency, glass and mood lighting.

Experts say this is the next step in motoring and the vision within the next 20 years.

man in self driving citroen
Citroen C4 Picasso Red self driving car

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