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Motability scheme members find funding the use of a quality new car straightforward, as they simply swap their government-funded mobility allowance for an easy-to-understand lease plan. On top of a latest-generation vehicle their single payment also covers major running costs of insurance, road tax, breakdown assistance and servicing for even greater convenience. 

Your own application will be handled expertly by Tates Hyundai should you approach us. Here is how the scheme works:

1. Choose your car

You first need to choose your preferred model, and should consider the adaptations that may be needed, along with other aspects such as fuel efficiency. Not all vehicles can be modified in the same way, so it's wise to speak to an expert before you start the search.

2. Find a dealer

Once you're sure of the right car, you then need to speak to a dealer about ordering it with their help. Here at Tates Hyundai we'll deal with all the paperwork on your behalf, and also deliver servicing support during the lease to the manufacturer's own high standards.

3. Order your car

The final task is to make your application and order the chosen car. At Tates this is completed quickly online by our Motability adviser, before you're sent an acceptance letter including your Personal Identification Number. You'll need this PIN when you collect your vehicle, so please keep it safe.

Example Salesman showing car to customer

If you would like to apply or find out more about the scheme, please get in touch with our Portslade team today or click through the Motability pages.