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Tates Renault Portslade, East Sussex

For routine or high-level Renault repairs, visit the Tates Renault Service Centre in Portslade, East Sussex. We help drivers in Sussex to keep their Renault cars performing smoothly as the years go by. As we're located near to Brighton, you can leave your car with us and enjoy shopping and the sea. You can find the Renault Service Repair Centre on Trafalgar Road, which is easily accessible from the A270, and a short walk from Fishersgate Station.

Renault has a well-established reputation for excellence, having produced quality vehicles for more than a century. We aspire to the same heights, and so when you visit our Centre you can count on friendly and professional advice and service from our dedicated team.

We have the facilities to complete a wide range of Renault services. These span from simple vehicle health checks to ensure that your car remains in good shape to complicated repairs if you're involved in an accident. The latest diagnostics and repair machines are ably used by our technicians, who have been trained by Renault and understand the innermost workings of every model. You can contact us to learn more about our service plans, and we also provide genuine Renault parts and accessories as well as premium tyres.

Find out more by contacting our services, parts or marketing departments. You can call us using the phone numbers listed on this page, or visit in person at any time during our opening hours. If you have a question about our services, please list your details on our online enquiry form.