On the cutting edge of fashion with their new colours and sophisticated materials, DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio stand apart from their competitors in terms of refinement. 

Features such as exclusive leather upholstery seats with the signature watchstrap design help the all-new DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio score top marks on style.​

All DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio models come equipped with the latest technology, such as Mirror Screen, this comprises Apple CarPlay™ or alternatively for Android phones, MirrorLink®, allowing the driver a smarter, safer and more fun way to enjoy seamless compatibility with their smartphones.


  • Distinctive DS front grille
  • All the benefits of a convertible allied with the strong points of a hatchback
  • Choice of four roof colours
  • Comfortable in-car experience, with optimised acoustics
  • Finely judged combination of lively handling and ride comfort
  • Stunning lighting with DS LED Vision
  • Can be personalised to your taste
  • Efficient, high-performance engines
  • Full of technology relevant to everyday life

The DS 3 Cabrio is a beautiful looking convertible and has all the benefits of the deluxe hatchback version. The All-New DS 3 has many features that make it stand out, including the distinctive front grille, the ability to mix and match colours and of course the stunning LED vision. The all-New DS 3 is an ultra-modern yet sophisticated car filled with all the relevant technologies that are used in everyday life.

The DS 3 Cabrio has a scrolling fabric roof, but it isn't a full-blown convertible because its roof pillars are still in place when the hood is folded down. 

This has two distinct advantages: Helps to keep the body rigid without resorting to expensive re-engineering, and also allows the driver to operate the clever electrically- folding fabric roof at speeds of up to 75mph, at a touch of a button.

Thanks to a wind deflector on top of the windscreen, you and your passengers are well protected from wind buffeting.

DS is a premium brand, and the All-New DS 3 Cabrio justifies that status. Its beautifully styled dashboard with chrome-rimmed dials and colour-coded panels gives the DS 3's cabin real style, and the interior quality is a marked improvement on the Citroen C3 that it was based on, with luxurious materials and more appealing finishes.