New, used or nearly-new: which is best for you?

Not sure whether to buy a new or used vehicle? Here we discuss the benefits from each to help you decide.

Buying New

There are many advantages to buying a car new besides that amazing new car smell and feel! Probably the most important is that your vehicle will be completely pristine and in almost all case won’t have any issues. You also get the pick of the newest models available, which means the car will feature new technology and safety features which you might not be able to get in a used car. With new cars, you also get good warranties, which is good for if your vehicle breaks down or has an issue, you can quickly get it fixed or exchanged. Although used cars cost more, the value of the car will stay higher, and when you do decide to sell, you will get more money for it in the end, compared to when you want to sell a used car.

Buying Used

Probably the most obvious reason and why most people buy used cars is because they are a lot cheaper than new cars. You can save a lot of money on your car and not just in the outright price but also on the insurance as it is often a lot cheaper than brand new cars. In some cases, you can get excellent value for money and find some good used cars that are in great condition and haven't done a lot of miles. A downside to buying a used car is that it could have wear and tear issues, however, if you buy a used car at a dealership, you don’t have to worry about this as they will take care of any problems with the car and fix them for you.

Buying nearly new

Some people aren’t aware that there is a third option to choose when buying a car and that is purchasing a pre-registered vehicle. A pre-registered car is a new vehicle purchased by a dealer and registered in their name to be sold on later. These cars are technically previously owned vehicles. However, most of them will have never been driven on the roads or just used for test drives.

As the vehicles have never been properly driven, there will be no wear and tear that you would get with a used car, but pre-registered cars come with significant savings that can sometimes match used car prices. At Tates cars, we have a range of different makes, with some savings as high as £7,000 off, find out what Pre-Registered vehicles Tates have available, CLICK HERE. Pre-registered vehicles will have the remainder of the manufacturer warranty available.

Tates cars have a range of new, used and pre-registered vehicles for you to choose from, so no matter what kind of car you are looking to purchase we will help you find the right one for you!

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