Gifts to give your car this Christmas

As Christmas is around the corner its time to start buying presents for your loved ones, but have you thought about what gifts you can get your car this Christmas?

Air freshener

Although a simple gift, it can make a world of a difference to your car. You can have your vehicle smelling lovely just by putting an air freshener in your vehicle, so you no longer have to feel embarrassed when other people get in your car.

New floor mats

Floor mats can get very dirty, but they are often just left, and people don’t think about replacing them even if they are broken or stained. Getting new floor mats can make your cars interior look a lot better and can also help beat that nasty smell. 

New windshield wipers

In winter your windshield wipers can often take a beating with all the rain and snow, so it could be a good idea to get new ones so that they clear your windscreen better and you will be able to see clearer.

An oil change

People often forget to check their cars oil and top it up, but it is an essential thing to keep your vehicle running. Now and then it is also necessary to change your oil as your oil tank will get really dirty and this will affect the performance of the engine. 

Mobile phone car charger

Mobile phones are a massive part of our lives now so making sure they stay charged is essential especially when you are driving. A lot of us are now using our phones as a GPS which can run down the battery on long journeys and if we break down having a phone is very important, so it is a good idea to have a mobile phone charger in your car to ensure you always have charge. 

Smartphone dashboard mount

As mentioned, we are now using our phones as a GPS. It is illegal to hold your phone while you are driving, so having a smartphone dashboard mount is a great idea to be able to stay handsfree, but still be able to use your phone as a map. Most dashboard mounts are universal to any modern smartphone and can be placed in any model of car, and they can be found very cheap. 

Windscreen protector

In the colder months, we often have to spend our mornings defrosting our cars. A windscreen protector can save you time by protecting your windscreen from the frost, so all you have to do is place the protector on the windshield when you leave your car for the night and take it off when you want to drive. 


Unfortunately, car accidents do happen, and with car accidents comes insurance claims. Dashcams are particularly useful when you have witnessed or been involved in a crash to be used to claim your innocence or to show a better understanding of what occurred and can often save you a lot of money from people claiming in accidents that actually wasn’t your fault. 

Portable breathalyser

As it is nearly Christmas, more people have Christmas functions and events going on, that often lead to a lot of drinking. Having a portable breathalyser in your car will allow you to see if you are actually able to drive and can potentially save yours and others lives.

Car bin

Cars can get very messy, with people often leaving their rubbish around. A car bin can mean that you keep all this mess in one place. This is particularly good for people with children as keeping your car clean is often harder.

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