Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

The weather is beginning to turn colder which means we need to start preparing for the winter. Most people don’t realise that the weather and the cooler temperature has effects on our cars and we need to make sure they are ready to handle the winter months.

Windscreen wipers

The weather is very temperamental in winter, with a lot of rain and snow, so having good working windscreen wipers is imperative to help you be able to see while driving in these conditions. It is usually pretty obvious when your car wiper blades are due to be changed when you are in wet weather, or you operate the wash-wipe system, and they leave a streaky finish on the glass, which restricts your visibility. However, if you aren’t sure another way to check is by lifting the arm of the wiper and running a finger along the rubber blade. If the edge of the blade feels brittle or is starting to break up and missing chunks then they need changing as soon as possible. 

Have your battery tested

Battery capacity significantly decreases in the colder weather, so it is essential to have someone examine it to make sure it is working correctly. You can also get an at home battery testing kit if you would prefer, where you can test your battery yourself. Storing your car in a garage, where it is a bit protected from the really cold weather is a way to help protect your battery. Ensure you have jumper cables in your car in case you or someone you come across needs a jumpstart.


A very important thing to check is working before the weather gets too cold is your heating. Not only will this keep you comfortable inside of your car, but it is also often used to help defrost your vehicle when ice is covering it. Although it isn’t really a safety hazard to not have heating, it is often seen as essential by most drivers, so before it gets too cold when you will really need it, it is good to check it out now and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Get any cracks or chips fixed

Any cracks or chips you have are likely to get worse in the cold temperatures. It is recommended that you get these repaired to prevent them from getting worse and eventually leading to your window smashing. The good news is that getting these chips and cracks fixed doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and doesn’t take long to be done.

Headlights and brake lights

In winter there are long hours of darkness and more temperamental weather, such a torrential rain or fog which means you can’t always see very well when you are driving. Ensure that your headlights are working correctly to help improve your vision of the road ahead. Not only are they there to enhance your vision of the road, your headlights and brake lights are also used in the dark or vision-impairing weather to help make you visible to other drivers on the road and to use your brake lights as an indication that you are slowing down.

Carry supplies 

In the winter months breaking down can be awful as the weather is cold and conditions are sometimes horrible. Keep supplies such as food and water in your car at all times in case of a breakdown or emergency and keep blankets and coats in your vehicle to help keep you warm whilst you wait for help.

Check your tyres

The wet weather can cause a higher risk of skidding when driving on the roads. Ensuring your tyre condition and pressure is correct is important to lower your chances of skidding. In the winter months, it is recommended to have a tyre tread of at least 3mm, so if yours is below this, you should look into having your tyres replaced.

To be sure your car is 'Winter Ready' call your local Tates Dealership to arrange a winter health check for peace of mind. The winter health check is £29.99.

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