5 Reasons to Buy Your Next Car From a Car Dealership

When purchasing a car, whether it be new or secondhand there is always a debate as to where it is best to buy it from. Some people believe that it is more beneficial to buy through a private seller or other means of purchase, however, sometimes it can be a huge risk and there are many more advantages to buying from a car dealership. So, why should you buy your next

Expert advice

Probably the number one reason to go to a car dealership to get your next car is the expertise and knowledge you will be able to receive from their salespeople, receiving detailed information about each car that you are potentially interested in. Whether you are buying secondhand or new, purchasing from a dealership will allow you to know for sure that any technical faults or problems with the vehicle have been discovered and addressed, which will probably not have been dealt with when buying from a private seller. Car dealerships are happy to commit to maintaining relationships with their customers long after the car has been bought, whether that be through MOT testing or services and repairs, so even after you have made your purchase, you can keep returning to use their expert advice for other services too.

Professional environment

Buying from a professional will ensure that you will benefit from a relaxed yet business-like environment, where you will receive a high level of customer service. Buying from somebody who does not work in the automotive business can often be tricky and quite stressful, as you may not get the full information about the car and won’t be able to ask some important in-depth questions, that salespeople at dealerships would have the answers to. If something goes wrong while buying from an individual and not a company, it is harder to hold someone accountable and can often mean that you could lose a lot of money through unrecognised faults with the car or bad customer service.

Test drive

Another factor about buying from a car dealership is that you can take cars out for test drives to get a feel of the car and further help you decide whether you would like to purchase it. When you buy privately, often the sellers aren’t happy for you to do this, so you miss out on the opportunity to see whether this is something you would like to drive. At a dealership, professional salespeople are on hand to take you for your test drive and will be there with you in the car if you have any problems or have any questions while driving the vehicle.

Trade in

Whether you are buying a brand new car or looking to purchase a second hand one, most dealerships offer a trade-in deal where you can do a part exchange, using your old car to cover some of the costs for your new one. With professional salespeople taking care of the exchange, it makes the process go smoothly and a stress-free process, leaving you less to worry about and able to drive off in your new car sooner.

Better selection of cars

No matter if you want to purchase a brand new car or a secondhand one, car dealerships have a much larger selection of vehicles than when trying to buy from an individual or other means of purchase. You can go to one place and look at a lot of different models and in many cases different makes so that you are better able to decide which car is right for you. If you go through a private seller, you might turn up and decide you no longer want to purchase the car and your journey was wasted, where as with a dealership you can look at your other options too.

Takes the pressure off

Finding a reliable car, especially if it is secondhand can be tricky and dealing with all the paperwork and registration is such a hassle. Buying from a dealership takes the pressure off of you, as they will guarantee cars that are working and handle any paperwork associated with the purchase. Dealerships also offer a range of financing options, which are great if you don’t want to pay the full price outright, which you wouldn't get from a private seller and would be expected to pay the full price outright

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