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DS LED VISION technology delivers unique driving comfort. The exceptional quality of the lighting makes for even clearer vision that is more restful on the eye. 

Make your life easier with the new-generation, colour touch drive interface:   

- easy access to all vehicle functions 
- New Mirror Screen feature - copying the content of your smartphone (Android et iOS)- onto the dashboard screen. 
Make a call, find your way, send a text message using the voice recognition function or change your music all without lifting a finger.

DS 4 Crossback is an eminently versatile car whose raised stance reflects its adaptability. Ideal for both city and country, bringing you greater visibility and peace of mind as you head for your favourite recreational grounds.


A centrally-mounted 7-inch colour touch screen allows you to control many of the major functions in New DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback. This is a safe, intuitive way of accessing items such as satellite navigation and smart phone connectivity. It also controls various settings enabling your car to be just how you like it. We’ve deliberately simplified the steering wheel controls so you can manage some functions without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Two rollers, one under each thumb, operate the cruise control and speed limiter on one side, the sound system and phone on the other. 


The headlights of New DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback combine LED technology with a Xenon module to produce a wide, deep, white beam that reduces eye strain at night but uses less energy. The headlights also follow the steering to light up corners, a technology DS pioneered. Uniquely for this class of car, the indicators are scrolling LEDs. We call this lighting technology DS LED vision.

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