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DS 3 Cabriolet

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2017 DS 3 Cabrio - BRIGHTON AND CRAWLEY, Sussex

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On The Road with DS Smartphone Apps

The New MirrorScreen function lets you access a number of smartphone apps from the touch screen in your car.

MyDS: connects your smartphone to your DS to provide geolocation functions and alerts.

Discover MyDS: an intuitive onboard user's manual for your DS​

New DS 3 Cabrio's svelte, muscular shape is made even more striking by the three jewel-like LEDs in each headlamp module, the scrolling LED direction indicators and the three-dimensional appearance of the rear lights.

New DS 3 Cabrio is built around a strong structure. This has multiple benefits. It makes it a very safe car with agile, precise handling. It also works with the high quality folding fabric roof to isolate the cabin from exterior noise

Active City Brake To Avoid Collisions

Using a short-range laser sensor positioned at the top of the windscreen, the Active City Brake function detects obstacles and applies the brakes when necessary. This function is operative in the city at speeds of up to 15 mph. It is part of the Driver Assistance Pack and is standard or optional on all DS vehicles.

From iconic styling features, like the audacious shark fin and floating roof, to space for five occupants and a dynamic driving character, New DS 3 Cabrio delivers an exhilarating new driving experience. The clever electrically-folding fabric roof is insulated to ensure the same quiet and refined ambience as hatchback versions, but transforms New DS 3 Cabrio from cosy coupé to sophisticated sun trap in just 16 seconds. With the push of a button, you can open or close the roof at speeds of up to 70mph to any position you desire, from sunroof, to open top, to completely convertible as the glass rear window magically disappears. Open up a whole new world, with New DS 3 Cabrio.

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